DSL Services

DSL Connections consist of two parts: The first part is the DSL line to Qwest®. The second part is the connection to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the rest of the Internet. Total cost is typically $41.95/month ($15 Qwest DSL + $5 modem rental + $21.95 Internet Service) and can be as low as $34.95/month if you purchase a modem and pay for 12 months at a time.

If you are a regular Internet user you may already have an extra phone line that you use for Internet access. DSL will enable you to eliminate this line. You are probably paying $20/month for this line and $20/month for Internet access, so a DSL account can actually be cheaper.

Qwest® DSL Line Rates
billed by Qwest on your phone bill
(prices do not include VLA ISP charges)
Qwest Choice DSL
see below for more info
Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe (1.5M/1.0M)
see below for more info
Qwest Standalone DSL (1.5M/1.0M)
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Guaranteed speed and technical
support for business customers

Please call us for more info.

billed by Virtual Los Alamos
(prices do not include Qwest DSL line charges)
Quarterly Payments:


Semi-Annual Payments: $20.95/month
Annual Payments: $19.95/month

  • High Speed Always-On DSL Connecton
  • 4 POP Email Accounts (@losalamos.com and @vla.com)
  • Web-Based Email Access
  • 25 MB Personal Website
  • Back-up Dial-Up Account
  • Toll-Free Access Number for Travel
    ($10/hour after 1st hour per month)

Setup Fees
Qwest Activation Fee (will appear on your Qwest phone bill)
$99.00. Please call for current specials which may waive this activation fee.

In-Home Setup
The equipment comes with complete instructions for you to set up yourself for free. Expect installation to take 1 to 3 hours. Or, hire us to do it for you. We can set a specific appointment time so you don't have to wait at home all day. We also work evenings or on weekends.

(plus $45.00 per additional computer)

Connection Speeds

The lowest price DSL connection (Qwest Choice DSL) supports download speeds of 256 Kbps and upload speeds of 256 Kbps. This is 5 to 20 times as fast as a dialup connection!. This speed is usually adequate for customers who mostly browse web pages and send/receive email.

Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe provides upt to 1.5 Mbps download and 1.0 Mbps upload. Compare this to cable modem's 256 Kbps upload speed! This service is recommended for customers who download large files or work from home and need to upload files to Internet servers.

Higher speed connections may be available in your area for a higher charge. Please call us to check availability.


If you don't already have a compatible DSL modem, you will need to rent a new DSL modem from Qwest or find a source for a used modem. Qwest charges $3/month for modem rental, or you can purchase the modem from them for $60.

Qwest is currently providing the Actiontec GT701 Wireless Modem. This modem has a single Ethernet port that can be connected directly to a single computer or else to a network hub for multiple computers.

This modem also supports 802.11g wireless, but you would need to purchase a wireless adapter for each computer that you want to connect via wireless. We do _not_ provide standard support for wireless connections, but we will provide phone support for $45/hour and in-home support for $60/hour.

Standalone DSL

Qwest also offers a product called standalone DSL that does not require landline phone service. The DSL still comes over your normal phone lines, but there is no dialtone and you cannot make/receive phone calls.

This service is for customers that want to use their cell phone or else IP-based phone service instead of landline phone service. Note that you will not have access to standard 911 service and will not have a listing in the phone directory.

To use this service you must order Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe (1.5 Mbps) at a higher rate of $33/month ($5.00 extra). Qwest may also require credit information in order to establish a new account.


Qwest runs regular promotions for discounted setup fees, free monthly service fees, etc. Please call us to learn about current promotions.

Bandwidth Limitations

You will be allowed up to 5 GB of data transfer per month. Most users use substantially less than this amount. If you exceed this limit, we may throttle your account to slower speeds and/or require you to upgrade to a higher service level. Additional data transfer above this limit may be billed at the rate of $5 per additional 1GB.


DSL does not work for all phone lines. Some homes may be too far from the Qwest office or there may be other problems with the lines that prevent a customer from qualifying for DSL. Please call us so that we can check your number.

To find out if you qualify, please call us and we will be able to check for you.

Advantages of DSL

DSL is fast. Depending on the service you select, your access will be 5 to 30 times as fast as a dial-up connection. You will definitely notice the difference.

DSL is always on - there is no waiting to achieve a dial-up connection. You can know when emails arrive, and not have to deliberately dial up to check.

DSL comes over an existing phone line and does not tie up the line. If you do not have a second line, this is a great convenience. If you do have a second line, you can eliminate it and save approx $20.00/month for a residential line and $60.00/month for a business line.

To Place an Order

Although you can place an order directly with Qwest, we highly recommend that you contact us directly to place an order. We have extensive experience with the Qwest DSL ordering system and understand the pitfalls that can occur. The process will go more smoothly if we place the order for you.

If you decide to place the order yourself, make sure that you select "CyberMesa" as the ISP. This is the name of our Internet backbone provider. We feed our DSL traffic directly to our provider to ensure the most direct connection and best performance for our customers, and Qwest's ordering system requires that their name is displayed as the ISP instead of ours.


Qwest is a trademark of Qwest Communications International and is not affiliated with Virtual Los Alamos