Additional Services

We are a full-service Internet Service Provider. In addition to the services listed below, we can do just about anything Internet-related. If you do not see a service listed, please ask for additional information.

One-Time Fees

Submittal Forms $30.00 If you want people to submit standardized information to you via e-mail, we’ll build a form for you.
On-Site Internet Installation $60.00 We can come to your computer site and install free versions of the most popular Web Browsers and e-mail software. We’ll even give you a quick tutorial on how to use the software to surf the ‘net and send and receive e-mail.
Domain Registration $25.00 Register your domain directly through VLA and SAVE $$. This price includes a 1 year INTERNIC registration, 1 email address (to be forwarded to your primary account) and a "Coming Soon" page.

Hourly Services

Additional Internet Access $1.00/hour If you go over your 30 hour/month limit, you will be charged for additional hours at this rate.
Web Site Maintenance $45.00/hour Any additional modifications to your web site above the free hours listed above will be billed at this rate.
Javascript/VBScript Programming $60.00/hour Custom programming to link pages to databases, shopping carts, or other special features.
Personal Training $45.00/hour If you need personal tutoring on using the Internet, etc. we will be happy to show you how. We can meet at your computer location or at our office.
Hardware/Software Support

$45.00/hour at VLA

$60.00/hour at your location.

We are expert computer technicians and can fix any type of computer problem you may have. Just ask.

 Monthly Services

Additional E-mail Boxes $5.00/month Get an address for each employee or each department.
Virtual Domain Hosting $5.00/month Get your own domain on the Internet. Visitors will surf your website at and send e-mail to If you want us to register the domain for you, the Domain Registration charges listed under Hourly Services will also apply.
Virtual Machine Hosting $5.00/month Save yourself the expense of registering a name with InterNIC and use our domains. You can be or
Secure Commerce Pages $25.00/month Do you want to sell products/services via credit card? We can set you up to safely accept credit card information via the Internet.
Links $19.95/mo. (monthly)
$14.95/mo. (quarterly)
If your web site is already hosted on another server, we can provide a link to it in one of our directories. Your link would also include a 60X60 pixel logo graphic.